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Monoterpene hydrocarbon refers to a monoterpene attached to an aromatic hydrocarbon ring (what else has an aromatic hydrocarbon ring? Many of these additives are toxic to cats (and humans to an extent).

So if you find that your cat is reacting to an oil not listed as toxic, it could be that the oil is not pure. There’s currently no way to know for sure unless you’re bottling the oils yourself.

[Terpenes are a very large class of organic compounds commonly produced in plants. Here’s a list of monoterpene hydrocarbons found in essential oils, and the oils that contain these components.

Monoterpenes are within this class and consist of two isoprene units (which are a more basic organic compound produced by plants). )] Other than phenols, oils containing monoterpene hydrocarbons can be toxic to cats. Often, essential oils producers will dilute their oils with additives to bring down the price of the oil.

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While humans can tolerate these oils is small amounts (due to our liver having the ability to filter out the phenols), cats have a much lower tolerance, and exposure of your cat to these oils should be as limited as possible.So be cautious and wash your hands well after applying oils, as well as making sure to keep the skin that you applied the oils on covered so that your cat does not rub up against you and get the oils on their fur that way.We all know that cats are very curious and mischievous beings, capable of getting into almost anything.The reason these essential oils are more dangerous to cats lies in the physiology of their liver.Cats lack an enzyme (glucuronyl tranferase) that in other animals helps to process and break down certain components of these essential oils.

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