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A soap opera full of passion, intrigue, suspense and crime comes to the screen through Eva Luna, with a cast of professionals, giving life to the villains, the most passionate and the most intriguing characters, Eva Luna becomes one of the most viewed soap operas for the Latino, Hispanic and American audience.

Across all setbacks against Eva she manages to strongly establish at the Advertising Arizmendi firm where two men will fight face to face for the love of her, Daniel and Leonardo are brothers in law, but will become the worst enemies by the art of intrigue and lies for the love of Eva Luna.

Irma thanks her for stopping by to check on her girl, who’s been so sad, and suggests she come back tomorrow.

Val says she’s leaving on a little trip with her mom, but will check on Mari when she gets back.

He tries to explain that Cris is in BAD shape and really can’t be alone, but Mari’s couldn’t give a flying fig; he’s always throwing her over for his friends! Because the TN gods want me to suffer, Pato just happens to be strolling by and sees Mari in tears. (Why he thinks Silvia will like this news is beyond me, but the answer must be up his butt where he’s put his head.)Tomas’s mom (still unnamed, according to captions) tells PJ about Pru’s Bible Study Club.

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Two great, Venevision and Univision join forces for the first time to launch the mega production of the telenovela Eva Luna.

Silvia tells him that he’s ignoring his obligations as a lawyer and taking advantage of the situation because he wants Aldonza. )PJ returns from giving someone last rites or something.

He yells back that if she’s not down with his plan, she can leave! Lulu lets him know that Aldie was in the church, crying to fill a sea, and then Cris was in there wrestling with something that ended up driving him back out to the streets.

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