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The current work has been conducted in the context of developing an Internet browser.To deal with a variety of languages using different encodings on the web today, a lot of efforts have been expended.(= The data is usually not from some dead or ancient language.) 3.

Users need not know how characters are displayed as long as they are displayed correctly -- whether its a native encoding or one of Unicode encodings.

Moreover, most average users are unable to provide this information via manual operation of a character encoding menu.

Without this charset information, web pages are sometimes displayed as garbage characters, and users are unable to access the desired information.

Such a smooth transition could be aided by making encodings issues less and less noticeable to the users.

Auto-detection would play an important role for such a scenario. For most applications, the following represents a general framework of auto-detection use: Input Data - Returns results An application/program takes the returned result(s) from an auto-detector and then uses this information for a variety of purposes such as setting the encoding for the data, displaying the data as intended by the original creator, pass it on to other programs, and so on.

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