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This is a beautiful window bottle with that color and crudity! Click close-up of the embossing to see the front embossing closer up. and is embossed with A No 1 on the reverse without the circle.

Condition is very good to excellent (aka close to mint) with some light wear and scuffing in a few places (largely on the back) but no chips, cracks or other post-manufacturing damage. - If that wasn't enough embossing just on the front side, the reverse also has A. This example has an applied lip - aka "glob top" - with just a bit of slop over. The color is a bright, lighter orange amber that is stunning in the window; the images catch the color pretty well. CUTTER / OLD / BOURBON / TRADE ("slugged" on crown) MARK / (barrel with J. Glass color is a distinctly of a lighter toned golden amber which is represented well by the images.

The sibling trio complements the warm-hearted atmosphere and furthers the artistic spirit of Tiny’s making it a true family run neighborhood place.

Tiny's has created breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner menus that blend classic technique with local market ingredients.

The rooms are finished with brick, two-tone antique wallpaper, original tin ceilings, salvaged wood paneling, custom banquettes and hand-made tile.

he first floor features a white-tiled and copper-topped bar with hand-pressed copper canopy.

Click on the highlighted link(s) in each listing description to see the picture(s) of the specific item for sale.

To help properly describe the bottles on this list or for the people who found this page and have some basic questions about antique bottles, I have another web page that is a glossary of some major antique bottle descriptive terms.

“The Bar Upstairs” has additional seating and features a Masonic themed pressed copper and marble bar tops, creating a special space for cocktails and nibbles.

Insurance is (usually) included and noted in my shipping quote back to you upon inquiry though I suppose it is optional.

I try to pack well but one never knows how packages will be treated so I always prefer it.

Many of the "flaws" or condition issues that I point out are often overlooked by others.

I also try to take representative pictures of all the bottles listed, though some bottles can defy accurate pictorial representation.

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