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Estos datos pueden ser útiles para planificar y extender los servicios de atención a la disminución de la agudeza visual en la Región; países extensos, como Brasil y México, requerirían nuevos estudios.La prevención constituye una estrategia muy importante para reducir la BVF, ya que más de 50% de los casos se pueden prevenir.Understanding gender differences in SRAE is particularly important in this era of HIV/AIDS, due to the association between hazardous drinking and risky sexual behaviors, especially among young people (12-14).For example, some studies have found that people with SRAE perceive less risk associated with unprotected sex than those without SRAE (4, 14).The study took place in 2005 in Las Pampas de San Juan de Miraflores (PSJM), a peri-urban shantytown in Lima, Peru, with an estimated population of 40 000.

Moreover, 35% of 19-29 year olds consume alcohol at least once a week and are thus considered the group at highest risk for hazardous drinking (1).

People's beliefs on how alcohol affects their behavior, mood, and emotions have been correlated to adolescents' and adults' consumption patterns and tendencies.

Moreover, etiologic processes that lead to risky consumption habits differ between men and women.

Expectancies affect men and women differently, but these differences have been hard to isolate (4-6).

Some studies have found that women might have more positive expectancies of alcohol: namely, compared to men, they have a higher expectancy of an improvement in social interactions, stress and anxiety reduction, and sexual enhancement associated with alcohol consumption (7-9).

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