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Strauss has worked as a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, a graphic novelist, even a ghostwriter for celebrities like Jenna Jameson and Marilyn Manson.

As a music critic, Strauss’ interviews are the stuff of legend.

“I ONLY WANT A RELATIONSHIP with a woman who already has her act together, is attractive, healthy, independent, easy-going, confident, and who is emotionally in control of herself and her own life.. Again, he’s NOT imagining a picture of an overly-emotional, predictable, needy woman who is trying to get him to connect with her and sharing her feelings because she’s so worried about things “working out.” In my google-searching, I found a post by this woman, who pretty much summarized his point of view.

She’s been reading him for longer than me, so I’ll let her do the heavy lifting of distilling his advice: One of my friends suggested I register at his website.

Or commentary about the way in which women are treated in the workplace?

Have you ever gotten sucked into something that you were also ashamed to read? I was listlessly checking my email when I noticed a text ad that I must have seen more than 10,000 times. The worst mistake a woman can make is not seeking help.

I have taken a unique part of who you are, and I have used that to memorize your name.

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It makes me wonder if pre-industrial societies had it right when men and women didn’t expect their mates to be their best friends, and instead found companionship with same-sex friends 2) The way that women get blamed simply for being women and having some emotional needs to–guess what? According to Carter, men want to be with a “cool girl” and a “cool girl is basically someone who is unpredictable, fun, emotionally balanced, has no insecurities, easygoing, and independent.” Ummm, is this true? This marketing campaign is obviously aimed at a very mainstream, middle American audience.4) The preying on women’s insecurities then taking their credit card numbers for recurring charges. Why am I writing about this and even giving this bozo any attention? He seems more powerful than the authors of the Rules, because he’s a man, and supposedly offers an inside view.I am fascinated by how mystified we men and women seem to be with each other.They’re much more similar in mindset to the men you are trying to date. Is there any validity to his advice and worldview, or is this just garbage? Let the quirkyalone version of this conversation begin in the comments.

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