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Hope you all have a prosperous and happy new year ahead in the coming week! The Gundam Model Kit Contest is back again for 2014, also known as Gundam Mid Year Challenge in 2013.

If your gifts come from Whiny Cat, they will always be accepted with anticipation.

but if i video edit will take forever to upload tonite :angel:yup, me want ah fui punya video, but besok malam can? i was very busy n come baq very late those few days...

guess what she slip her mini-skirt and i "ter"saw her panty... :biggrin:to spy on urself hahahahahthat's one funny statementmake it as a panel comic would be hillarious hahahahahimagine bah...1st panel: today blog (muka muda)2nd panel: 50 years later, check previous/archieve post (muka like those very very old yang ada janggut kambing)hahahah ogie :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :swt:hmm this part is juz my looney why one should not sleep too early *uhuk~yeah...

Not that its cheap, as one could get the prices offered on "discount" in another nearby mall (Berjaya Times Square) at any point of time and without the crowd to get in the way.

, with a drop-date scheduled for December 30th at 10AM EST (11PM SG / 10AM NYC / 3PM LDN).

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