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The list of your connection is enough to tell everything about you, may be even better then content of your conversations via phone.

And I doubt that they are doing it without serious reasons.

Smartphones essentially invites snooping on you, especially government snooping as the less type of devices the government need to deal with, the cheaper is such mass collection of information on each citizen.

Actually if you compare the quality of retuned results Google is not good for all searches.NSA is only one of possibly several agencies that can access your data.Using three engines you create a need to merge and correlate all three activities, which represent not an easy task, as in this case there is no guarantee that those activities represent actions of a single person or a group of persons (especially, if you use a local proxy).It is duty of concerned citizens who object this practice to make them more expensive and less effective.First of all we must fight against But there is another important aspect of this problem which is different from the problem of unhealthy self-revelation zeal that large part of Facebook users demonstrates on the Net.

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