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Gilbert soon discovers that there are more cases of vanishing students, and it all may be connected to something more sinister that his replacement roommate Arthur is somehow involved in. Insert crazy murderous over protective albino ready to kill him. Poor Germany stuck with the weirdos he calls family. A series of AUs where Akashi and Kuroko are bound by fate in which they are reincarnated to find each other through their strong love.

An office assistant named Liz (Anne Hathaway) is dating the mailroom assistant, Jason (Topher Grace).Kate (Julia Roberts), perwira militer yang cuti, bertemu Holden (Bradley Cooper), seorang pria gay dalam sebuah penerbangan dari Irak menuju Los Angeles.Reed (Ashton Kutcher), pemilik toko bunga, melamar pacarnya Morley (Jessica Alba) dan menemukan bahwa sahabat dekatnya, Julia (Jennifer Garner), ternyata sudah punya pacar bernama Harrison (Patrick Dempsey) yang sesungguhnya sudah menikah.They decide to keep it a secret until they can figure out what happened, but Italy gets kidnapped.The Axis and Allies try to save him, and along the way, Japan starts to see China as his brother again...

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