Quotes on dating a married man

Does this mean that the affair is an emotional one only, and you haven't had sex yet? And if this isn't a platonic passion, then what is it you are trying to 'resist'?This is not the first time I have used a letter from a woman in love with a married man - and, of course, it won't be the last.My own adult children and all my family have accepted our marriage and are very happy for us. I feel my husband has been extremely weak and should have supported me more.

I believe that you can move on 'mentally' by asking yourself if you still want to be the hapless secret squeeze in five years' time. He couldn't even mention our wedding for fear of upsetting her and we received no congratulatory cards from either of his children - his son is influenced by her.I have turned into the sort of woman I hate, and never thought I would become so emotionally involved in a situation like this. Here, though, I have to be blunt and answer your last question, saying: 'You know perfectly well that you must walk away before it ends in tears.' More tears, that is.When you tell me that you are 'still trying to resist him', you leave a Big Question hanging. During the year, we've had meetings, calls and texts (mostly me saying we can't carry on like this).And, nine years ago, I divorced their father for the same thing.

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