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from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... The bonnet is all original, even the ribbon ties which look to be correct to the era. Classic design glove with the three rows (wonder who first designed that! Excellent condition with just extreme minor dirt at fingertips and tiny, tiny red marks (see photos). 35" square (some people measure as 34" square or 90 cm square). It's a slightly "squishy" hat, so I just stuffed with some tissue paper. I spend all my spare time looking for the best original flapper headpieces! I would be happy to keep this one in my collection if you don't want it!!!! And I also have a "thing" for 1920s pieces Made in France. Just sits on my head, and I have a normal sized head, but best for a small head, or a regular sized head with not too much hair. though I say that with the caveat that the sequins have ages to this lovely hue. from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... Cabochon is a domed gemstone - a highly polished curved surface without faceting. Peterman on the lid." A true collectible and a very recognizable part of movie history. he then went to Bergdorf Goodman and you know what happened to him after that. So hard to find these hats that were obviously SO expensive when new. 1950's Huge Black Shiny Straw Hat with Huge Silk Flower, Velvet Trim and Cut Out Back!!

LOVE the 3-dimentional goldtone jewelry MICE on the front!! I wear a size 6.5, and these are marked size 36.5, but they are tight on my 6.5 foot, so I'd say best for a 5.5/6 foot. from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... This drawn bonnet is also extensively trimmed with braided loops of a cotton material resembling linen. Most recently worn on stage in a production of "The Women" (worn by the character of "Sylvia" - played by Rosalind Russell in the 1939 movie). especially when I stupidly put this on my right hand, so I had to photograph as a lefty (I'm not). I have a normal sized hand (for a 5'2" modern woman) and as you see, it goes on me, but it's pretty small (they were smaller back then! Love the little rosette at the gauntlet and the heavy tatting at the end. As you can see from the close up photos, there is just a bit of the embroidery missing, but you don't notice it unless you are looking for defects. And to be honest, I have one or two that I have owned for so long, that they have become my "children", so hard to sell those. This one is a full "tiara" and the metal will slightly and gently bend to fit the shape of your head. Hard to measure, but seems to be about 20.75" around the edge. Excellent condition (like what you might see in a department store with a pair of shoes on display). Adventurine is often mistaken for jade, a valuable stone of green. shines fantastically with clear and red rhinestones on black felt. She is even the one to discover Halston, hiring him to design hats... You can wear an elegant huge black straw hat with black velvet trim and a oversized silk flower with green leaves. The original matching velvet tipped hatpin is still attached. The photos are basically gonna tell you all you need to know about this hat... I usually prefer black to brown, but I have to say that this hat may change my mind!

There are two slightly larger than pinhead size holes at the back (see photos) and a few light marks. Robert Dallet's first carre with Hermes debuted in 1977. Most fit tightly at the top of the head, but this one is more the shape you'd find in the 1960s, but I guarantee it's indeed from the 1920's. I had to go searching for photos, and I found a photo of Viennese Baron Alphonese Wallek and "Two American Beauties" c. This comb is in MINT condition only out of the box to photograph! I marked down for that slight tear of the interior satin in box. But since that's not yet possible, owning this hat is the next best thing. The silk violets might perk up with a steaming, but regardless.... I'm pretty sure this was a special order, one-of-a-kind hat...

There was no interior trim on the hat in the book, and none on this hat. The condition is Excellent for the delicate nature. Came in with trousseaux set so likely wedding gloves! Goldenrod color border with white background and mustangs running wild with one cowgirl. So well received that the design was re-issued in 2012. This hat really confounded me as I really haven't seen any of these tall cloches from the 1920s. Would have been likely late 1920s worn with a the bob cut.... Who could forget 'Rose' (Kate Winslet) wearing this timeless classic in her beautiful red-tressed hair! Check out the photos to see the close up of the design. Say you have a ponytail and you want to wear a hat...

Of all the things I sell, I think 1920s flapper headpieces are my favorite. Chigot" complete with the original silk lining and a small piece of the original price tag attached. Chigot was, but there are still a few of his signed pieces found when googling. For those of you with that smaller head, you'll be thrilled to find this in your size. So I went on a hunt for photos to PROVE the ones with grommets are just as Original! but 8 pairs of these extremely rare sunglasses of old store stock left in a box - untouched in over 40 years!!!! The glasses are each still wrapped in a plastic wrap, and laying in waiting. A lightweight, softish white plastic with writing on the inside of the glasses (or at least the one I opened) with a Patent number and the word "Depose" embossed in the plastic and the word "Courreges" in silver on the exterior earpiece. lived in Brooklyn for years so we would go visit... Excellent condition with just a slight dusting on the back (should clean up... :) I'm sure this is one of those hats that was likely photographed for Vogue or Harper's Bazaar.

I still have a few rhinestone tiaras that are in my private collection, and I am close to adding this to my own collection as well, so think fast. He must have been the king of these fashionable cloches! For the rest of us, this is what they call a "headache" size... Check out the photos of 1960's top model Jean Shrimpton in these glasses... artist Salvatore Dali wearing these Courreges glasses with grommets!!!! (OK, I touched one just to take the photograph and to look it over... I WAS selling these glasses complete in the box for one price... I didn't even notice it until I looked at the photos). And it all started (at least in my mind) by Elsa Schiaparelli back in the 1930s. :) Whatever the date, this has GOT to be one of the BEST Leslie James hats I have ever seen. Seems I'm not the only one who wondered about who Leslie James might be. it took a grandson and Past Perfect vintage posts to get this information: Leslie James was a combination of James Druce (CEO) and Leslie George Masters, a former film actors in the 1930s at MGM who was encouraged to take up millinery design by the famous Gilbert Adrian. I can just imagine it on the cover with the tagline: "Spring has Sprung" ! This is one of those hats from the 1960s that would have been worn high up on the head with hair flowing around...

There is a wonderful 1962 Chicago Tribune article about her at: So now on to this hat. It's mentioned in the article that the interior of the hats are as lovely as the exterior... This would have been quite an expensive hat when new. Great for hat or Schiaparelli collectors to go with the Iconic. I have had a number of black gowns of the era with sequins which would have been a smashing topper for that. So similar to a hat featured in Susan Langley's "Hats & Bonnets" book, on page 71, listed as a "Milliner's Masterpiece" - and given one of the highest price estimates in the entire book! Excellent condition (like what you might see in a department store with a pair of shoes on display). The Tiffany-like Stained Glass Butterfly Motif is featured on this comb with a brass oxidated plating with black, sea green and milky transparent epoxy. All topped with multicolor coral/rose, white and purple silk flowers and a tall egret jet beaded ornament! There is a number on the tag of 1897, but that's just a museum number. Pretty RARE shaped hat (or toque for those of you who know that a toque is a hat without a brim).

LOVE the black velvet "cherries" or whatever they are. This one is a deep brown velvet crown surrounded with lovely pheasant feathers and then there is one complete wing attached to one side is slightly lighter shadings to make it "pop" out. You can barely make out the info on the inside of the hat as a hat maker/shop in Wareham, Massachusetts. Nan Duskin, the internationally known boutique that has dressed the best of Philadelphia's high society for nearly 70 years, closed in 1994.

you do know that even back in 1800, hats were trimmed and then re-trimmed by the owner to change the look or to match the outfit worn. However, I have two left thumbs so I don't sew or clean... This velvet toque shape hat is covered with stitched edged graduated colored velvet in "fruit" shapes with green leaves. Great for hat or Schiaparelli collectors to go with the Iconic. Evelyn Varon is often mentioned in list of great milliners of the era. Always made from a base metal, some are silvertone, some in goldtone metal... The rhinestones are all prong set and mine cut (high centers) and they are still bright white and shiny (so surprising!! This is one of those true headbands that have an elastic at the back which holds on your head. Olive's creations found customers among designer houses like Oscar de la Renta and Pauline Trigere, as well as leading department stores including Bloomingdales, I. This one is a wire base covered with black lace and black netting. The factory was based in Los Angeles with hundreds of employees. I'm sort of at a loss to tell you what someone might have worn this with, but if you are a fashionista... I pretty much guarantee you won't see many other people wearing one! Excellent condition with the exception of the fact that there is light large spot at the front (see photos). Not sure if it was worn down over the forehead as I show, or more back of the head as was more the style in the 1960s. There was likely a lining inside originally as it's a bit messy now (only on the inside) without it. The ties at front are held together with a fairly old straight pin. Don't know when that pin was first put there, and perhaps it confirms that this front bow was originally sewn together as you see it now.

Certainly you can sew it on as well if you want to easily fold up. Extreme minor dustiness in one area, so for those of you who are comfortable soaking vintage linens, this is easy. So nice to find one of her hats with that same joy! Eventually his hats were wholesaled to department stores. Very stiff (as you'd expect from a pith helmet) and woven in an ombre pink/white. From a museum deaccession and still has the original museum hangtag. Wired base small hat topped with large and small black jet beads, covered with silk parma violets, edged in ecru lace, and... Some of his hats during the early 1960s were designed to accompany the clothing of Norman Norell.

There is the usual patina on these pieces that you just learn to live with... These headpieces can be slightly bent by hand to match your headshape (I know because I tried it! In 1946 his hat prices retailed for .50 - .50. Druce retired in 1954 and left the business to Leslie. if Leslie James designs were good enough for Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford..... If these trimmings aren't original to the hat, they are still as early as 1900's. And as you probably know (if you've ever watched a Jane Austen movie) hats and bonnets were re-trimmed all the time for those who weren't extraordinarily wealthy. always best to buy those with beautiful "bones" so any trim will just be secondary to the beauty of the hat itself! Clara La Doskey Gee Rymer, the wife of the founder of the Dixie Foundry in 1916 which became Magic Chef Inc.

with only one small area of oxidation on one earpiece (see photos).... :) These will fit a larger head size or smaller, so depending on your head and how much hair you have, just bend to fit. This one is a simple, basic shape stiff molded two-tone straw hat in hot pink and strong candy pink with that sweet "button flap" on the one side!

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