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Since there are a large number of banned books, some publishers have specialized in them.The best-known examples are the Parisian Obelisk Press, which published Henry Miller's sexually frank novel Tropic of Cancer, and Olympia Press, which published William Burroughs's Naked Lunch.Banned in Boston, Massachusetts, Kansas City, Missouri, Camden, New Jersey and other US cities, this novel by Sinclair deals with fanatical religiosity and hypocrisy in the United States during the 1920s by presenting a skeevy preacher (the Reverend Dr.Elmer Gantry) as a protagonist who prefers easy money, booze, and "enticing young girls" over saving souls, all while converting a traveling tent revival crusade into a profitable and permanent evangelical church and radio empire for his employers.This article lists notable banned books and works, giving a brief context for the reason that each book was prohibited.Banned books include fictional works such as novels, poems and plays and non-fiction works such as biographies and dictionaries.It was allowed to be published in New Zealand in 1963.Banned in several US states: in 1972, it was banned in Strongsville, Ohio (overturned in 1976); in 1974, it was banned in Dallas, Texas and in Snoqualmie, Washington in 1979, because it has several references to women as "whores".

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He feared that the book would teach children to regard humans and animals on the same level, which would be "disastrous".

In some libraries, a special application may be needed to read certain books.

for its portrayal of anthropomorphized animals acting on the same level of complexity as human beings.

An injunction was issued by a US District Court in Nevada under 26 U. This work details the lives of scientists forced to work in a Stalinist research center.

Written by a newspaper reporter about the Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka case, this book allegedly contains inaccuracies, additionally, complaints were received by the St.

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