Updating gears of war 2

Be sure to keep a lookout for them and we'll update you as soon as we know what enhancements the Xbox One X version of Gears of War 4 contains.As with any update—especially one which supports higher-resolution visuals—expect the game's size to increase.They'll be available to play for free in public matchmaking on October 30, 2017.If you're a season pass holder and play these maps from Monday, then you also earn double experience and extra credits.The title is already massive and it may surpass 100 GB when the Xbox One X patch drops.Be sure to get those external hard drives ready because this will probably be the norm going forward.It's hard to say that when you are opposing the host and you get into a shotgun battle with him one-on-one, you appear to fire 3 shots into his body, not downing him, then he insta-kills you, then at the end of the match you see he has more than double the amount of kills than anyone else, it's hard to say that's okay and not broken. You are going to die, it isn't the host, its the rust. There is always host advantage in every game, and people exaggerate it in Gears because of the 1v1 encounters the game play consists of.Dude host advantage is a thing that can hurt Gears, and always has. Every time the other guy kills you it's "OMG U HAVE HORRIBLE HOST"!

We would play for hours at a time and could give host to the best guy.While I will completely acknowledge up front that I'm not even a good Gears player, I believe that with a k/d of 1.21 that makes me a strictly average/decent player. But I tried to play after 6 months off a few weeks ago and was dying a lot.The game isn't an unplayable mess but that doesn't mean it's not broken, especially in regard to host selection and advantage. I have about a 2.5-3.0 in the playlists and was basically going even every game.Microsoft just revealed the contents of Gears of War 4's October update and aside from new maps and experience bonuses, it includes Xbox One X support. Despite saying that the Xbox One X patch would be available with this update, they didn't exactly reveal what enhancements the game will be receiving on Microsoft's upcoming console.However, the maps are other changes in the patch are of note.

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