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Behind him, a screen shows ways to pay as he booms out the options: ‘You can give by credit card or debit card or cash, you can write out cheques...’For the 200-or-so young people at the service – some cheering at his every word – there can be no doubt: the Lord’s work will be done only when you fund it.

The Scottish Mail on Sunday attended a C7 service last week run by the charismatic pastor, who proudly boasts that he is ‘on fire for God’.

She said: ‘It was all very contemporary and appealing. I was shy and being in C7 made me more confident.’After she graduated, she started volunteering with the church for 40 hours a week, saying: ‘It was more like a job.

I lost interest in my subject, dance.‘Whenever I went home to visit my family [in Aberdeenshire], I was always encouraged to get back...

She said it is called C7 ‘because church is meant to be in your life seven days a week’, adding: ‘Jason put big ideas in my head. A few of us have banded together since leaving because that place is so intense nobody else can understand.

It was so intoxicating, it would be so easy for a young person to fall for it. I want to warn others.’Sobbing, she said: ‘I’m still not over it emotionally.’On Friday, Mo S found Mr Cask setting up a Christmas show at the church. We give people plenty of freedom to choose what they want to do.

One said: ‘I felt like he had access to the destiny of my soul.’ C7 was set up Jason Cask, 46, in 2006.

He was involved in the Hillsong Church in his native Australia before moving to Scotland with his wife, Jodi, after he had a prophetic dream about a crowd in an arena chanting the words: ‘Glasgow! ’His church is based in a marquee set up inside an industrial unit in Possilpark, a deprived area of north Glasgow.

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It was as simple as, “Hey, why don’t you come and help me out in my home? Servanthood is serving – I’m serving the church, I serve them.They claim the pastor asked churchgoers to clean and paint his house – and hand over 10 per cent of their income.Several former congregants say they were ‘brainwashed’ and ‘exploited’ by a church that is run ‘like a cult’, at odds with the church’s aim of advancing the Christian faith and relieving poverty and hardship.I wanted to please Jason so eagerly – I didn’t want to seem like I didn’t love God enough.’She added: ‘I was so oblivious, prancing around like, “you guys [her family] don’t understand, you don’t have the kingdom culture, you don’t understand that I’m doing, I’m made of a different thing from you”.Horrific.’Even while working for free, Ms Summers handed over 10 per cent of her income.

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