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The Book of Genesis speaks of the bondage of marriage between husband and wife. However this religious concept was distorted to mean that a woman’s legal existence merges with that of her husband by marriage and it became a common law rule of coverture under which a woman becomes a non-entity. Travancore Christian Succession Act 1916Since there was no succession law for the Christians the Travancore Christian Succession law was enacted in 1916 . The 1916 Act did not make a distinction between self acquired and ancestral property or between men’s property and women’s property.It means that Christian law of Succession does not recognize coparcenary rights in property.2) Infection related stones, usually composed of struvite and sometimes presenting as a complete “staghorn” can lead to ongoing chronic urinary tract infections that cause damage slowly through inflammation and scarring of the kidney tissue.The CT scan below demonstrates an atrophic right kidney due to a large “staghorn” infection stone.116,395 new cases of kidney failure developed during the year.Consistent with this US data, kidney stones were also reported to be the cause of kidney failure in 1 to 3% of all patients undergoing dialysis in two studies from France and Tunisia.

The kidneys’ job in the body is to filter blood, remove waste, and regulate salt and water.

Consequently the Christians all over India are brought under the provisions of Section 37 of the 1925 Act which provides that the property of the intestate will be distributed equally among the children after deducting the 1/3 share of the widow.

Obviously the Mary Roy verdict ensures equal inheritance rights to Christian women all over India.

In addition to causing pain, can kidney stones actually cause permanent damage to your kidney?

The unfortunate answer is yes, kidney stones in some cases can actually result in a “dead” kidney or kidney failure.

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