Xcode folder reference not updating

The quickest way to do this is by searching for the previous Unity build’s name in the target’s Build Settings tab.

The settings for Header Search Paths and Library Search Paths should appear; change the paths to reflect the new Unity build name.

What if project file is corrupted and whole virtual Xcode Groups structure is gone?When integrating a Unity build featuring Vuforia into a native i OS app, there are a few additional steps to get everything running smoothly.After you make changes to your Unity app, I’d recommend creating a Unity build with a new name instead of overwriting the build that is referenced in your existing native i OS app.If you use standard Xcode Groups to organize your files in project — you will eventually find out that it creates mess in your project root folder on a disk.Xcode Groups (folders) exist only virtually, while on the disk you will see plain list of created files in the root directory, and that can potentially lead to some possible uncomfortable situations and even risks.

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